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Choose Joy Creative

A Full-Service Marketing Agency

Choose Joy Creative is a full-service marketing agency that serves small businesses in Northern Virginia.


Our mission is to build community by learning and sharing our client's unique story through creative and strategic marketing.

We meet businesses where they are and provide strategic and creative customized marketing plans to fit their unique needs. With the right marketing efforts in place, we enable businesses to build strong reputations and become the go-to business in their field.

Social Media Marketing

The Social Media Marketing Package is for business owners who are looking to boost brand awareness and engagement on social media.

Content Marketing

The Content Marketing Package is for business owners who want to stay top-of-mind to past and potential clients while providing ongoing value. 

Print Marketing

The Print Marketing Package is for business owners who are looking to reach a broad audience, raise awareness, and drive new leads to their business. 

Meet Jorden

Founder | Creative Director | Community Builder

Hi, I’m Jorden, Founder & Creative Director of Choose Joy Creative. I felt called to start a business that not only creates compelling marketing content, but one that meets small businesses where they are, learns their unique story, and serves them as their personal storyteller. I have a passion for bringing people together to build community. My hope in doing so is that I not only succeed at helping businesses succeed and achieve their goals, but that I spread joy and create something beautiful and purposeful along the way.


Choose Joy: the strength that comes from every moment; choosing to find the goodness, beauty, and light in the world during the good times and the bad; spreading hope to others

Our Clients

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