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A Purpose-Driven Journey:

So, how did Choose Joy Creative come to be?
Simple: I listened.

Which doesn’t come naturally to me. I'm not one to take risks. I'm a planner through and through—organized, thoughtful, and always weighing the potential outcomes of every decision. But at the start of 2023, as an alternative to a new year's resolution, I chose a word to guide me. That word was "listen."
The decision to focus on listening wasn't just a casual choice; it was a commitment to tune into God's guidance, to discern His calling and direction for my life. Through the ups and downs of recent years, one truth has become crystal clear: God is in control. Even when I don't understand the reasons behind certain events, I've learned to trust His plan, recognizing that His vision for my life far surpasses any plan I could conceive for myself.
I listened to that inner prompting, taking a leap of faith to establish Choose Joy Creative.

Hi, I’m Jorden, the Founder, Creative Director, and Community Builder of Choose Joy Creative.


In the inception of Choose Joy Creative, I felt a calling to do more than just create marketing content. My mission is rooted in meeting small business owners right where they are, diving into the depths of their unique stories, and serving as their personal storyteller. Beyond business success, my goal is to spread joy, helping business owners who are overwhelmed and burnt out re-find the joy in their business!


Values We Hold Dear:


We exist to serve you and your brand.


Open, honest, and joyfully transparent.


Building bridges, one joyful connection

at a time.


Spreading happiness is our superpower.

At Choose Joy Creative, we are more than marketers – we are storytellers, dreamers, and champions of joy. Our mission is simple yet profound: to learn, share, and amplify the unique stories of our clients through creative and strategic marketing.

Jorden of Choose Joy Creative is simply amazing. She was recommended to me after I saw her work with another business and asked who they were using. She is well organized, driven, creative and a great collaborator. She really took time to understand my business, develop my brand, discuss goals and help with my social media content (which I really needed help with). She has a well thought out system and it shows. Her work has been the biggest game changer. Now people ask ME who is doing my marketing - that says something! Highly, highly recommend Jorden!

Gina Kitzmiller, The Karuna Life

Meet the Joyful Minds Behind the Magic


Meet Erin

Content Creator for Choose Joy Creative

Erin is a Content Creator at Choose Joy Creative, where she brings her passion for purposeful storytelling to support the agency's vision. A longstanding friend of Jorden, Erin is excited to contribute her skills in crafting narratives that resonate with authenticity.


In her role, Erin thrives on understanding the "why," heart, and voice of clients, ensuring that the content created feels true and meaningful. Thoughtfulness and intention are not just professional principles for Erin; they are core values that extend to all areas of her life, reflecting her commitment to making others feel seen and appreciated.


Residing in Carrboro, NC, Erin shares her home with her husband, Ryan, and their dog, Fern. Whether immersed in the woods on a hike, road-tripping with a podcast, engrossed in a good book, or sharing laughter with friends, Erin finds joy in the simple yet profound moments that life has to offer.

Meet Lisa

Marketing Assistant at Choose Joy Creative

Lisa is the Marketing Assistant at Choose Joy Creative, contributing to the seamless execution of the agency's creative vision. Juggling day-to-day tasks and diving into event management, Lisa finds joy in being a vital part of the vibrant team.


Beyond the office, Lisa is a proud wife and mother of two boys, sharing her home with two sweet pups, Bella and Banks. Residing in Northern Virginia during the week, she eagerly anticipates weekends spent at their beach house in Ocean City, surrounded by the coastal breeze and the laughter of family and friends.


In her role, Lisa brings not just professionalism but also a personal touch, making her an integral part of Choose Joy Creative's journey in crafting marketing magic.


Ready to bring your brand to life with creativity and strategy?

Contact us and let's embark on a joyful journey.
Choose joy, choose creativity, choose Choose Joy Creative.

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