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Choose Joy Creative x
Emily Marcella Photography

Unlock the Power of Collaborative Creativity

At Choose Joy Creative, we believe in the magic that happens when creative minds come together. We're thrilled to introduce an exclusive partnership that amplifies your brand's visual identity – the Choose Joy Creative x Emily Marcella for Creative Brands Brand Photography Package.


About the Partnership:

In collaboration with Emily Marcella Photography, we've curated a special offering for clients who want to elevate their brand aesthetics and storytelling. This partnership merges the expertise of Choose Joy Creative in strategic marketing with the artistry of Emily Marcella Photography in capturing the essence of your brand through stunning visuals.


Benefits to You:


1.Collaborative Support: You'll have a collaborative team working together to support your marketing needs, ensuring a seamless fusion of strategy and visuals.


2. Full Image Access: Receive all edited images to use as you see fit. Your marketing produced by Choose Joy Creative can now complement other areas of your business effortlessly.


3. Content Efficiency: One scheduled session can produce enough content to support 1-2 months of upcoming marketing efforts, streamlining your content creation process.


4. Accountability Without the Hassle: Accountability to create content without the need to do it on your own. We take care of the creative process, leaving you more time to focus on your business.


Package offering: 6 Sessions

  • Session Duration: 1 hour each

  • Frequency: Intended for every month with the goal to capture a month’s worth of content

  • Planning and Introduction: Introduction call with Emily Marcella Photography

  • Planning call prior to each content session with Choose Joy Creative and Emily Marcella Photography

  • Image Delivery: All edited high-resolution images delivered to Choose Joy Creative and directly to you

  • Commercial-Use Rights: Enjoy the flexibility to use your images across various platforms

  • Unlimited Creativity: No limit on outfits or attire within the hour session, allowing for diverse and dynamic visuals.

Note: These packages are exclusively available to clients who book both Choose Joy Creative and Emily Marcella Photography.


Ready to bring your brand to life through the lens of creativity and strategy? Contact us to book your exclusive package and let's embark on a journey of visual storytelling together. Choose joy, choose creativity, choose the power of collaboration.

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