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  • Jorden Gunessever

A Beginner’s Guide to Crafting Compelling Carousel Content

Did you know Instagram carousels only account for 18% of Instagram’s content?

Now, with Instagram's recent spotlight on carousels in the Discover page, and the fact that only a handful of users are taking full advantage of this feature, there's never been a better time to shine and create content that truly stands out.

And guess what? I'm here to be your guide through it all!


Cover Slide—Captivate Them

Let's start with that first slide – make it pop! According to Forbes, a whopping 91% of consumers prefer visual content over written materials. So, your first slide needs to make a memorable visual impact. Choose a striking image paired with a captivating title to instantly grab your audience's attention.


Second Slide—Engage Them

Now, onto the second slide – equally important! Did you know that Instagram's algorithm gives you two chances to hook your audience? If they miss the first slide, they'll see the second one. Make it count! Throw in a surprising fact or an irresistible statistic to keep them engaged.


Middle Slides—Tell a story

Next up, storytelling time! Use the following slides to educate, entertain, or showcase the benefits of your offer. Keep those visuals top-notch and your message clear and concise to ensure your audience stays hooked.


Second to last Slide—Clear Takeaway

As you near the end of your carousel, wrap up your message with a clear takeaway for your audience. This is the perfect opportunity to promote a blog, offer a discount, or share a freebie related to your post's topic.


Last slide—Call To Action

And of course, don't forget the Call To Action! Encourage your audience to interact with your post and introduce yourself briefly. A strong CTA can make all the difference in driving engagement.


Remember these key points:

- Aim for 7-10 slides per carousel.

- Ensure each slide flows seamlessly into the next.

- Stay true to your brand identity – from logo to color scheme to tone of voice.


And there you have it – your simple guide to crafting irresistible carousels! Do you enjoy creating carousel posts? Have you found them impactful in your marketing efforts? Share your thoughts below!


Here's to spreading joy through content creation!

Jorden Humphreys

Owner of Choose Joy Creative

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