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  • Jorden Gunessever

Celebrating One Year of Choose Joy Creative

Choose Joy Creative marketing team tossing confetti


It feels right that on the one-year anniversary of serving clients at Choose Joy Creative that I share my first blog post.


I will start by saying it is hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that a whole year has gone by... SO MUCH has happened this past year. And while my team and I serve as daily storytellers for our clients, I am suddenly at a loss for words. I sit here, wondering where do I even begin to reflect?


Naturally, my phone pings (because when you manage multiple social media accounts for clients the notifications are constant)… and just like He always does, I am guided to the answer.


My phone background is a prayer card from Cleerely Stated and has been my background for the majority of this year. It says…


A marketing manager writing in a notebook


Hey Lord, I trust that you are…

Guiding me down paths of righteousness. You are aware of all that surrounds me and You tell me to keep going. Keep moving. Keep walking. I am Your child and Your priority; You will not abandon me, especially when my life feels hard or out of control. Help me trust You in the valleys as I do on the mountaintops. Thank You for knowing me, inside and out, for choosing me, and for claiming me as Your own.


I trust that You will keep me safe in your presence.


As a business owner, entrepreneur, creative, like yourself, you know that running a business is not for the faint of heart.


There have been days filled with joy where I am overflowing with gratitude that this is what I get to do every day. And on the flip side there have been days filled with self-doubt, stress and wayyy too much anxiety where I have questioned what I am doing and if I can handle it all.


But I have never faltered on my “why.” And that is because of that message up top.


I know without a question or a doubt in my mind that starting Choose Joy Creative a year ago was exactly what I was called to do and is exactly how I am being called to serve others in this chapter of my life. And I am so blessed to know that “'cause on my best day, I am a child of God, on my worst day, I am a child of God, and every day is a good day and You’re the reason why,” CAIN.

a series of photos that show putting together a flower arrangement, holding a stack of books, and breaking bread

I am smiling to myself now because this is not at all how I thought my first blog post would go. I thought I’d be sharing something like, “the top three things I learned starting a business and my top three goals for the year ahead.”


But I have a feeling it didn’t go that way because this is the message you needed a reminder of today.


Friend, remember that you started your business for a reason. You are serving a purpose, and no matter when the self-doubt or burnout tries to creep in that you are reminded of your WHY.


Take this moment to look back at how far you’ve come and smile because you know it’s only going to get better from here.  


a marketing manager drinking coffee, checking social media

I’ll wrap it up with this…


One of the things I did learn this year is who you surround yourself with matters. And one of the things I am most looking forward to this year ahead is expanding the Creative Brand Collective with Emily of Emily Marcella Photography. Together we are cultivating a space for creative small businesses who value relationships in entrepreneurship to connect, share, and support other business owners and entrepreneurs who understand the journey they’re on. I invite you to join the Creative Brand Collective here.


And you know I love a good reason to celebrate!! To celebrate hitting the one-year mark, I am offering a 10% discount on my services for new clients who book in the month of March! If gaining time back in your day to spend with your family and friends or focus on other areas of your business by taking marketing off your plate sounds like something you’re interested in, fill out this form here! I can’t wait to learn more about your business and how I can help you achieve your business goals!


Always with a servant-heart, I am excited to start writing blogs more regularly and can’t wait to pour into you and your business in this new way. Send me what you want to read about, your marketing questions, and more, and I will get busy creating content!    


THANK YOU for being here!

heart and name 'Jorden'

P.S. Brand Minis are open for sign-up! These sessions are a great way to experience brand photography and a chance to add fresh content to your image library. They are taking place on Friday, March 22nd in Leesburg. For more information and to claim your spot, click this link here.



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